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My Shout~

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Luv U,,

I luv u 4 giving ur heart 2 me,
N trusting me with ur pride,
I luv u 4 wanting me,
N needing me by ur side...

I luv u 4 the emotions,
I never knew i had,
I luv u 4 making me smile,
Whenever i feel sad..

I Luv u 4 ur thoughts of me,
Where i'm always on ur mind,
I luv u 4 finding that part of me,
That i'd never thought i'd find..

I luv u 4 the way u are,
N how u make me feel,
But most of all i luv u,
Coz i know u're mine 4 real...

I luv u..even u din't know how much is it..
I luv u even u din't know what i feel right now..
And im still love u even u make me cry..
Because my luv it true..
just 4 u..4 ever..


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