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Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm Lovin'it


It is revealed that thousands of years before Optimus Prime and the other Transformers arrived on Earth, there was a race of ancient Transformers who scoured the universe looking for Energon sources. Known as the Dynasty of Primes, they used a weapon called the Sun Harvester to drain stars of their energy in order to convert it to Energon and power Cybertron’s AllSpark. The Primes agreed that life-bearing worlds would be spared, but when one brother, who was thereafter dubbed "The Fallen", constructed a Sun Harvester on Earth in 17,000 BCE, the remaining brothers sacrificed their bodies in order to hide the Matrix of Leadership, the key that powers the Sun Harvester, from The Fallen, who swore to seek revenge upon Earth once he found the key.

Citer nie download sendiri jer..wayang tiket abis gk la ...kan best kalau dpt satu keta transfomer tu..lg2 yg kuning tuh cute jer hehe


In 1969, Pasadena, California, a young Mexican couple rushes to the mansion of wealthy medium Shaun San Dena (Flor de Maria Chahua). Their son had stolen a necklace from a group of gypsiesseance, but she and the boy's parents are attacked by an unseen force, which then throws the boy from the second floor of San Dena's mansion to the first. The boy survives the fall, but as his parents run to help him, San Dena can only watch in horror as the floor opens up under him and he is pulled into Hell by demonic hands. three days prior, and since then, he has been complaining of seeing and hearing things not of this earth. San Dena tries to help the boy in a

Tgk skali jer ..citer nie x lah seram sgt..lawak lg ader la hehe


Ellie (Queen Latifah) and Manny (Ray Romano) are expecting their first child, and Manny is obsessed with making life perfect and safe for the family. At the same time, Diego (Denis Leary) finds himself unable to catch a gazelle he has been stalking and decides to leave the herd, believing that he is losing his predatory nature as a tiger. Sid (John Leguizamo) grows jealous of Manny and Ellie and “adopts” three apparently abandoned eggs that he finds in an icy underground cavern. Manny tells him to put them back, but Sid instead looks after the eggs, which hatch into baby Tyrannosaurus the next morning...

Best giler citer nie 2x tgk kat wayang tu pun rasa nk tgk lg...cute2 jer hehe


5 bintang tuk movie2 diatas...:p

Family day Part 2

Huhu dah lama x update blog nie..hehe ntah la mood pun xde pastu x tahu nk citer td baru teringat nk masukan pic masa family dtg kl aritu.. :)

Ptg tu trus balik umah then cepat2 kejar erl g kl tunggu abah amik kat situ jer..(malas nk naik train g Berjaya Time Square huhu)so dalam kul 7 tu abah sampai..kami pun bertolak ke Time Square..nginap kat Melia Hotel betul2 depan Time Square hehe (apa lg plan dgn mama nk g jalan) rancangnya nk stay semalam ja tp puas pujuk abah setuju stay tuk 2 mlm..hehe dlm 2 hari tuh pusing Time Square jer (tu pun x bis pusing penat oo huhu)..Heee to abah thanks you very much muahhh2..ilang rasa rindu dgn family jap huhu..